The Catholic Kings In The Discovery Of America, Rogelio And David; Torre Gonzalez, Andres Perez- Bustamante

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The Catholic Church during the Age of Discovery inaugurated a major effort to spread Christianity in the New World and to convert the indigenous peoples of the Americas and other indigenous people by any means necessary. The evangelical effort was a major part of, and a justification for, the military conquests of European powers such as Portugal, Spain and France. Christian Missions to the . CATHOLIC MONARCHS In ,the marriage between the monarchs Isabel 1 st of Castilla and Fernando 2 nd of Aragon. In ,the conquest of the kingdom of Granada happened. In the same year Isabel and Fernando funded part of Cristopher Columbus´s voyage. Unit 6 The Catholic Monarchs and the Discovery of America 1. UNIT 6: THE CATHOLIC MONARCHS AND THE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA 2nd graders Social Studies Department Almudena Corrales Marbán 2. 1. THE EARLY MODERN EUROPE Almudena Corrales Marbán The fall of Constantinople by the Turks () and the Discovery of America() marked a new historical period known as the . An exhibition, with documents dating from between the 10th century and , displays the oldest preserved copy of the ‘Capitulations of Santa Fe’. This agreement was signed by the Catholic Kings in April and accepted Christopher Columbus’ terms to undertake the trip after which Europeans would become aware of the Americas. We present here a brief rundown of the Catholic venture of this noble Genoan. Pre-Columbian Ventures. First, we confront the uncertainty and confusion surrounding the discovery of America. For the very name “America” credits Amerigo Vespucci with the discovery of the continent. This was an error, of course, as the historians later realized. (But by the queer chance of their mistake it also happens that the entire . It will be on the Catholic discovery of America which, I assure you, is not obvious. Christopher Columbus, The Catholic - #2 This, then, is our focus in this chapter. It is to see how God used a very human, human being, whose faith enabled him to achieve what most writers on Columbus do not recognize. It is one thing to say that Columbus discovered America. It is something else to realize that. Catholic Monarchs, also called Catholic Kings, or Catholic Majesties, Spanish Reyes Católicos, Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile, whose marriage () led to the unification of Spain, of which they were the first monarchs. They were known jointly as the Catholic Monarchs, and ruled their kingdoms independently, but had common internal and foreign policies. Columbus was granted an audience with them; on May 1, , he presented his plans to Queen Isabella, who referred them to a committee. The term Catholic monarchs refers to Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon, whose marriage and joint rule marked the de facto unification of Spain. They were both from the House of Trastámara and were second cousins, being both descended from John I of Castile ; on marriage they were given a papal dispensation to deal with consanguinity by Sixtus IV. We mean the discovery of America achieved by the Catholic genius of Christopher Columbus. We mean the discovery that was inspired by the Catholic vision of the Franciscans in Spain, without whom Columbus could never have been able to undertake his voyage to what became the new world. In the Middle Ages, China was the wealthiest nation in the world. They had tremendous power over the . The Catholic Kings in the Discovery of America (Heros / Heroes of History - Discovery of America Series #4) by Andres Torre (Andy) Gonzalez, Jose A. (Editor) Herrera, Rogelio Pérez-Bustamante, David Pérez-Bustamante, Andrés Torre González Hardcover, 76 Pages, Published ISBN / ISBN / >Page précédente: Album Cartografico De Sierra Nevada (1606-1936)
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