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Continued fractions are just another way of writing fractions. They have some interesting connections with a jigsaw-puzzle problem about splitting a rectangle into squares and also with one of the oldest algorithms known to Greek mathematicians of BC - Euclid's Algorithm - for computing the greatest divisor common to two numbers (gcd). Continued fractions by Jones, William B., , Addison-Wesley Pub. Co. edition, in English. This chapter presents the economization of continued fractions. It presents the limiting case where the size of the interval, and hence of the values of x, tends to zero. The chapter also presents a distinction of all quantities relating to a modified continued fraction by an asterisk. A PROOF OF THE CONTINUED FRACTION EXPANSION OF e1/M Thomas J. Osler 1. INTRODUCTION. This paper gives another proof for the remarkable simple continued fraction 1/ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 31 1 1 1 1 1 51 1 e M M M M =+ −+ + + −+ + + −+ +". Here M is any positive number. We use the notation xaaaa=[;,,, ]01 2 3"for the continued fraction 0 1 2. Continued fractions are written as fractions within fractions which are added up in a special way, and which may go on for ever. Every number can be written as a continued fraction and the finite continued fractions are sometimes used to give approximations to numbers like $\sqrt 2$ and $\pi $. same continued fraction. In fact we have the following result. Theorem Any fraction a=b has exactly two expansions as continued fractions as given in the previous exercise. Conversely, any two distinct finite continued fractions are differ-ent fractions. Exercise 3. Prove the converse (the other direction is a little more tricky). TY - JOUR AU - Komatsu, Takao TI - Hurwitz continued fractions with confluent hypergeometric functions JO - Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal PY - PB - Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic VL - 57 IS - 3 SP - EP - AB - Many new types of Hurwitz continued fractions have been studied by the author. Arithmetic with Continued Fractions. Length: 60 minutes Description. Multiprecision arithmetic algorithms usually represent real numbers as decimals, or perhaps as their base-2 n analogues. But this representation has some puzzling properties. Positivity of continued fractions associated with rational Stieltjes moment problems A. Bultheel1;2 Department of Computer situation, see [5,8,10,11,13,16,17]. General information on (multi-point) Pad e approximation can be found e.g. in [1,4,9 3 The work of this author was partially supported by the scienti c research project PB 1 Continued fractions: real numbers 1 Historicalbackground 1 Euler’stheoryofcontinuedfractions 11 Rationalapproximations 17 JeanBernoullisequences 36 Markoffsequences 49 2 Continued fractions: algebra 71 Euler’salgorithm 71 Lagrange’stheorem 81 Pell’sequation 84 Equivalentirrationals 92 Markoff. TY - JOUR AU - Barbolosi, Dominique AU - Jager, Hendrik TI - On a theorem of Legendre in the theory of continued fractions JO - Journal de théorie des nombres de Bordeaux PY - PB - Université Bordeaux I VL - 6 IS - 1 SP - 81 EP - 94 LA - eng KW - approximation coefficient of a rational number; analogues of Legendre's theorem; continued. >Page précédente: Guia Juridica Del Periodista
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