More than 200 apply for new Tesco jobs

Fri 13 August 2010, 9:12 am

A new Tesco Express store attracted more than 200 applications for just 18 jobs proving every little really does help. (Sourced from getworkingham.)
The supermarket giant advertised the vacancies on the board outside its new shop on the site of the former Blockbuster store in Oxford Road while the inside was being kitted out.

Richard Byard, economic development manager at Reading UK CIC, said he was not surprised by the number of job applications received by Tesco.

He said: “Clearly we have been affected by the recession and we saw an increase in the number of job seeker allowance claimants, though this has decreased in the last four or five months.

“Retail offers a great opportunity for people to get back into employment. We have got Wilkinson opening up in the Broad Street Mall and Decathlon Sports in the Forbury Retail Park.

“The sector is very buoyant and strong and significant in it’s own right.”

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