Reading College. Everyone is busy behind the scenes ensuring tha'>

R:UK podcast: Sally Dicketts, principal of Reading college

Thu 17 June 2010, 11:30 am

There's no summer break for the staff at the newly formed Reading College. Everyone is busy behind the scenes ensuring that the new merger between Thames Valley University, Oxford & Cherwell Valley College and the Learning and Skills Network offers students and businesses experiences and opportunities greater than the sum of its parts.
We managed to grab five spare minutes with Sally Dicketts, principal of the newly formed college, and she explained the reasoning behind the changes as well as throwing new light on the role the organisation is going to play in adding to Reading’s continued development.
She said: "Increasingly employers recognise that effective training adds money to the bottom line.
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"We need to work with employers to ensure that the employees have the skills that will allow them to effectively compete in the global market. And colleges are developing these skills because we don't have the infrastructure costs associated with the universities. Colleges need to promote themselves more successfully."

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