Reading tops productivity poll

Wed 4 February 2015, 3:46 pm

The thinktank Centre for Cities has named Reading as the place with the most productive workforce in the country.

The Cities Outlook report placed Reading on top in a survey of 64 places, for having the highest economic contribution per worker (gross value added), with the average person said to be contributing £70,900 to the UK economy.

Reading also performed well in other categories: it was ranked fifth for “start-up businesses”, third for “number of businesses per population”, and second for “offering the highest wages”.

Schools also performed well – Reading achieved the second best GCSE results and the seventh best university-level qualifications in the country, the report said.

Nigel Horton-Baker, executive director at Reading UK CIC, the economic development company for the city, said: “The Centre for Cities report demonstrates the cumulative reasons that make Reading a powerhouse of the UK economy and such an attractive location for business and investment.

“The challenges for Reading are to ensure that we maximise the benefits of the current wave of investment in the town centre and that the benefits of this strong economic performance are shared by all sectors of society.” 

The Cities Outlook report looked at 64 cities, ranking them in categories such as technological innovation, levels of employment, earnings and skill levels in the workforce and house prices.


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