Borough eyes regeneration of 'eyesore' plot

by Jim Dunton Thu 5 December 2013, 1:29 pm

Demolition work has begun on 'eyesore' buildings on a corner site that Reading Borough Council is keen to regenerate.

The authority owns two of the derelict terraced shops and houses at the corner of Crown Street and Southampton Street, while another has become government property after attempts to trace its ownership were unsuccessful.

It said that if it could bring the site into “single ownership” options for its future use could be “considered”.

Councillor Tony Page, the borough’s planning and transport lead, said he was “delighted” to see that crews had moved on site, adding that it was an “important piece of work” for the area.

“The corner of Crown Street and Southampton Street has been an eyesore for too many years," he said.

"As the council doesn’t own all the properties, it has been unable to just go along and demolish the buildings, much as we would have liked to.

"Trying to trace the ownership of one of the properties has taken a long time, in fact so long that the property in question has now been transferred to the Crown."

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