Recession could be over in Thames Valley

Wed 27 January 2010, 12:46 pm

The region is on the brink of leaving the recession, according to the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce.

The groupís latest economic survey for the last quarter of 2009 has shown modest growth, which the chamber says must be supported by the government.(Sourced from the Reading Post.)

In the manufacturing sector there was an increase in export sales, export advance orders and profitability since the last quarter, with UK sales and advance orders remaining constant.

Annual turnover also improved and cash flow remained stable.

The key concerns for the manufacturing sector were exchange rates and inflation, with raw material prices cited as the primary concern.

Businesses in the service sector also reported improvements and noted a high level of staff had been recruited without difficulty.

Claire Prosser, policy executive for the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group, said: “These results contain some very positive features, notably the improvements in export sales and export advance orders."

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