MP creates storm over Whitenap - in Reading

Wed 23 September 2009, 12:56 pm

Test Valley MP Sandra Gidley has described the government’s reasoning to allow development on the best agricultural land in the Test Valley as “barmy”, following an exchange with a Government Minister at the first ever meeting of the Regional Grand Committee this week.(Sourced from
Sandra quizzed Jonathan Shaw MP, Minister for the South East in Reading, asking him whether he would push for a revision of the policy which allows for the Conservative-run Borough Council to approve a development at the Whitenap site.

The Minister replied saying that difficult choices had been made "to ensure that families have a future in the communities where they were born and raised, but where they cannot yet afford to buy or rent a property".

Sandra hit back at the Minister, saying:

"It was a real question about our limited food resources for the future. Plenty of land is available for building on, should that be required—in some cases and some places, it is—but that does not mean that we should build over land that could support future food growth."

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